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Randy's Landscaping Services...

Landscape Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Our consultations provide unique design with the highest quality plantings that will thrive in your given environment. Have a green thumb and you can take over when the installation is complete, or ask about our maintenance plan to keep things going and growing! Enhancing existing work and managing pests and disease are also part of our expertise.

Lawn Care

Selection of the perfect grass for your climate is a must. We will plant, sod, and seed at the right time for maximum results. Lawn mowing is not one of our services, but we will get you off to a great start making your lawn easy to maintain.

Wildlife Habitat Development

Enjoy butterflies? Humming birds? Whatever you want to attract, we know the right plantings. We also know what plants discourage the wildlife you don’t want – deer are cute, but disastrous for your garden.

Garden Rototilling and Planting

The vegetable garden is back. Many of us enjoy growing our own food and ensuring healthy, organic vegetables for our families. Whatever you need to get started, whether it is construction of raised beds or delivery of top soil – Randy’s can help. Of course we do flower gardens as well.

Erosion and Drain Management

Not exciting to talk about, but proper drainage is essential for the protection of your home and property. Knowledgeable professionals are a must when evaluating the proper design of your gardens and plantings.

Snow Removal

After recent winters, need we say more? We are there when you need us.